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Solandra maxima Solandra maxima
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Flower lovers think of a flowery garage driveway, a colorful and ornate arbor in the garden, a beautiful vase in the apartment's foyer, and beautiful balconies with vases hanging from all sides. When they marry and constitute a family, there comes the fear of causing damage to plants, but also the danger that some species can offer children or domestic animals. Not to be missed, a florist course may be essential for choosing the flowers and / or plants you should grow indoors and outdoors.

Poisonous Species :


The anthurium is a very traditional plant in landscaping. It is an exotic, tropical plant with vibrant color and highly toxic. If ingested by humans can cause vomiting, difficulty swallowing, injury to the mouth, pharynx and larynx and asphyxia. It's the one we used to see at grandma's house, remember? Beautiful, but dangerous!


They are scattered around and found easily. They are very beautiful and attract children because they look like bouquets. However it is necessary to be very careful, these flowers are poisonous and can cause tummy aches, vomiting, and in more severe cases, seizures and even coma.


They are on our way and we live bumping them in gardens and squares of the city. If ingested they can cause digestive problems, hypertension or cardiac hypotension. Its color attracts lovers of colors, but you can find excellent options in other species, so avoid cultivating these flowers with children and animals.


This beautiful and dangerous flower can destroy the heart if ingested. The main effects are drowsiness, abdominal pains, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, dizziness, shortness of breath, mouth irritation, nausea, vomiting and can even kill even with a leaf. Stay well away from this!


Want to know more about flowers !? But these are not the only beautiful flowers you can have at home.

Innocent Species

There are many other beautiful and innocent options you can cultivate safely.

With varying flower colorings, they are perfect in vertical gardens. It reaches around 20 cm in height. The half-shade is best planted, protected from the strong sun. Its flowers are used in cooking, giving a special and smooth touch to the salads and sweets.

NEAOBA: Alpacas For Sale: Carlina's Peruvian BONITA ROSA: Huacaya, Female, Proven: Vermont, Brownsville
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Obtener el máximo provecho de sus flores, de interior y exterior - Do it Yourself, El Blog de Diy
The rose knockout is a good example of a plant that does not require extensive pruning for its health, but does so by its shape. There are some basic principles of plant care that can make the experience much more enjoyable and the plants healthier.

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Meanwhile, Cherono won crossed the line in the women's race in a time of 2:20:23, followed by Ethiopian Ruti Aga in 2:20:41. In the women's race, Kenya's Gladys Cherono , a victor in Berlin in 2015, proved victorious again in 2:20.23.

Sword of Jorge and should not be consumed, however, accidents with these species are not common. Perhaps because of its less attractive appearance. Contact with skin may cause mild irritation. It can be planted in pots alone or not and are good for both sun and shade, indoors or outdoors.

Violet odorata ​​em>

small purple flowers as the main decorative element. Very used in small vases as arrangements, for example, in children's parties and also in bib and flower beds. Its leaves can be used in cooking in the preparation of salads. It can be grown in half shade or in full sun.


This shrub has very small flowers, formed in the winter period. It can be cultivated alone or in groups, reaching from 1.2 to 1.6 meters of height, needing a space larger than the others already mentioned. She likes lots of sunshine, so nothing to grow her indoors. It has no culinary use, but it can be extracted from essential oil for the manufacture of flowers.

Did you realize that you can have children, animals and the house full of flowers and plants?

Just be informed and make the right choices! Learn this and more at:


  • Stapelia erectiflora ~ PLANTUKIS

    Stapelia erectiflora NEBr. · > Common names: unknown Most frequent synonyms: Gonostemon erectiflorus (NEBr.) PV Heath Family: Asclepiadaceae Geographical origin: > South Africa · Plant: succulent low, forming a matte of not more than 30 cm both in height and diameter.

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    He is also called; quiver, thilco, chilca, chilcon, fuchsia, pope jasmine, white bat, queen earrings, or tilca. In its territory of origin it is under conditions of temperate climate, with a wide range of precipitations.
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    Recipe for a blustery day; Seafood Chowder from Cape Breton (American Land)

    Add seafood and cream; simmer just below the boiling point (do not allow to boil) until seafood is cooked. When the pieces are crisp and golden brown, remove and reserve for garnish.
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    SAFER: About

    SAFER: About

    To determine management and mitigation strategies which are both technically and economically feasible as well as culturally acceptable. the natural and socioeconomic researchers.

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    January 11, 2013 La Voz de San Pancho

    January 11, 2013 La Voz de San Pancho

    In addition, over 40 local artisans, craftsmen and purveyors will be offering their unique regional art, clothing and food. The exciting musical lineup features some of Bahia's most notable and accomplished musicians.
    Smith, Chiefs start quick, beat Chargers

    Smith, Chiefs start quick, beat Chargers

    QuarterbackPhilip Rivers handed the Chiefs three total interceptions in the first half, and almost one more in the second half. Which allowed Smith to release a short pass to the middle to Albert Wilson for the six yard touchdown and the 14-0 lead.
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    GC42YYC Somosaguas I Forest Park (Multi-cache) in Madrid, Spain created by Pacosebas

    Put the figure in the blanks: N 40 ° 26 ((_ _ x 2) -2) 5 x 3) - 5) 9 4) These coordinates will lead to a group of large stones. The coordinates of the header place you at the point where you can leave the car closest to the entrance.
    American Culture & laquo; mchud

    American Culture & laquo; mchud

    If I remember correctly Brer Rabbit Molasses is light and runny, sweet enough to pour directly onto your pancakes. The Man of Letters knows how to use letters from friends in order to avoid writing an original blog post.

Moroccan Fossil Workers - Guillem Lopez PhotographyGuillem Lopez Photography Moroccan Fossil Workers - Guillem Lopez PhotographyGuillem Lopez Photography Unfortunately, last year I was not able to photograph the workers and the whole process in a proper manners. Walking down the streets of the city I came across a dusty cloud that instantly cough my attention.

Hotel Information Hotel Information Additional charges may apply for meals at some restaurants, special dinners and dishes, certain beverages, and other amenities. Guests can unwind with a drink at one of the hotel's bars, which include a poolside bar and a bar / lounge.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012 A strategic location of large rocks buried about 1/3 of the way into the ground adds interest and breaks the flat surface of view. Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful.

The lame naturalist The lame naturalist At the exact point where the American mink had been set before, they were playing for the second consecutive day the merry otters. As you can see, for obvious reasons, we have wanted to omit the exact location, even the approximate location, of the otter pair.

Bird watching in Puerto Rico - Atabey Promulge the appreciation of the flora and wild fauna of our archipelago and be part of that cosmos without harming or affect it. Buzzers can see ultraviolet light, which allows them to detect patterns in flowers that the human eye can not distinguish.

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Butterflies: guides of species, images and resources. The four wings of the butterfly and the six legs are attached to the thorax. • Butterflies are colorful for many reasons . Butterflies and moths can only take liquid food using a tube (like a trunk), which is a long "tongue" and flexible.

ENVIRONMENT & amp; sustainability. ENVIRONMENT & amp; sustainability. The US National Academy of Sciences conducted a study in this regard, having determined that transoceanic vessels together dumped 4 million kilos of plastic into the sea, which is why the world's landfills are saturated with plastic bags; while thousands of them are drawn to different places on Earth.

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No surprise, Bonita's Courtney Gano and Diamond Bar's Stephany La Rosa hit homers and dominate in SGV star game, North wins 21-8 | Best High School Sports Blog No surprise, Bonita's Courtney Gano and Diamond Bar's Stephany La Rosa hit homers and dominate in SGV star game, North wins 21-8 | Best High School Sports Blog Two errors and Auryanna Erhardt (Duarte) single gave the North a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning. The game was played to honor the Wilson High School coach who died suddenly last summer.

A red baby squirrel is rescued. of a fallen chanel in Scotland - Billy will be syringe-fed for about five weeks and will remain in the shelter until he is completely independent. Ideally you will be part of a group of squirrels red that can be returned to nature together, "said the SPCA.

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Australian space agency plans are about to lift off Australian space agency plans are about to lift off Mr Hamilton-Smith said that South Australia was well positioned to take part in the global effort to develop and explore space. The Northern Territory has also announced that it would join this collaborative bid.

Chelsea: Alvaro Morata Nets Slick Hat-Trick As Blues Cruise Past Stoke Chelsea: Alvaro Morata Nets Slick Hat-Trick As Blues Cruise Past Stoke Alvaro Morata has a "great chance" to prove at Chelsea that he is one of the world's elite strikers, according to Antonio Conte . Full-time: Stoke 0-4 Chelsea! 'He is very young, only 24, and he is very important for Chelsea .