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Ellis Copeland | 01 May, 2017, 06:38

Two reports were recently published concerning Canadian media: "The Shattered Mirror" by the Public Policy Forum on "Canadian Content in the Digital World" by Ipsos Reid, under contract from Canadian Heritage. The latter report deals more generally with Canadian content production in the dynamic digital environment. Canadian Heritage also provided some of the funding for "The Shattered Mirror". The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS) and the Fédération des télévisions communautaires autonomes du Québec (la Fédération) agree with the reports' main observations: increasing media concentration among ownership groups, falling revenues from Traditional news resulting in less regional content, and the rise of social media as sources of news and information of questionable credibility.

However, if 'Information is vital to democracy as pure air, safe streets, good schools and public health', states 'The Shattered Mirror' (CACTUS cited the same 2009 Knight Foundation report in our submission to DigiCanCon), we are surprised and disappointed to find no mention of community TV and media and their long-understood contribution to democratic local expression and civic journalism.

For 50 years, community TV and media have ensured a participative and democratic media landscape, and a local information offering that has all but disappeared from the big media groups, not to mention our role in enabling emerging and established journalists and creators to learn new skills and ideas on low-risk local platforms. Community media are the 'farm teams' that drive our creative industries.

CACTUS has flagged to both the Heritage department and the Heritage Minister its concern that neither the national association itself nor any one of its members was invited To any of the roundtables in the "Canadian Content in a Digital World" consultation.

Given That community media Comprises over 200 entities licensed by the CRTC and Constitute one of three Sectors Comprising the broadcasting system as defined under the 1990 Broadcasting Act, This exclusion is disconcerting.

All Canadians and organization are However welcome to upload files as part of the consultation. To read CACTUS 'submission, click here.

The Canadian Association of Community Television Users and Stations (CACTUS) and partners are hosting four events to help Canadians participate in the "Canadian Content in a Digital World" Conducted by the Minister of Heritage, culminating with a live TV and web program called "Medi @ cracy" on November 20th.

The first event was offered in partnership with Regent Park Focus, a youth multimedia arts center in Toronto on November 2nd as part of Media Literacy Day. The event solicited answers to the Heritage Minister's questions from the point of view of digital media literacy.

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On Thursday November 17th, CACTUS member TriCitiesTV will host a second opportunity for the public to weigh in at the Vancouver Public Library , In the context of Media Democracy Day.

On Sunday November 20th, CACTUS, in association with the Association of Journalists Indépendants du Québec, Ricochet, and St. Andrews Community TV will present live stream and broadcast in Which viewers can answer the Heritage Minister's questions by phone and Twitter. The program will be broadcast on Bell ExpressVu and streamed.

Finally, on Tuesday, November 22nd, CACTUS 'Executive Director Cathy Edwards will help moderate the focus group being presented by Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) to Answer the same questions. The focus group will be held over lunch at the Department of Canadian Heritage in Ottawa, and will enable WCT member and non-members to consider women working in telecommunications.

"Media Math:
Democracy, News & Public Policy in Canada", instigated and in part

CACTUS and its members participated in two of the roundtable discussions held by the Public Policy in connection with the study.

In addition to participating in the roundtables, CACTUS submitted written answers to the questions posed by the Public Policy Forum in its "Media Math" discussion paper. CACTUS Written Submission to "Media Math" study

CACTUS has written to ask the CRTC to reconsider its community and local TV decision, Based on the number of erroneous statements in the decision and its setting aside from the testimony by the very communities the policy is meant to serve.

Click here to read the request. Policy will go into effect in September of 2017 unless enough Canadians complain to the CRTC, federal MPs, and to the Heritage Ministe R.

To support the request, fax the CRTC Secretary General at (819) 994-0218. The policy goes into effect in September of 2017.

To email your federal MP, most MP emails have the form You can check here.

To email the Heritage Minister, use


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